Cost of e-bikes

E-bike, especially a good and functional one, is not a cheap pleasure. However, if you have tried it once, you will love it. Let us see how much different e-bikes cost and what should be considered before buying.

From 80 to 500 EUR

For this price, you can sometimes buy a used e-bike, but certainly not a new one. And if someone still argues that it is new, battery quality and even safety of such e-bike is questionable. For such e-bikes it will be almost impossible to find spare parts.

From 500 to 1200 EUR

You can buy an e-bike for this price at a Western European department store, but better not from an online store. Although warranty will be included, it is advised to carry out careful quality assessment and, if possible, read reviews.

From 1200 to 1700 EUR

There are some recommended products in this price range (mainly from Central European manufacturers), but most comply with the quality of low-priced conventional bicycles. It is equally possible to buy a vehicle, whose battery will not last more than one year, but you may as well be lucky, and the battery will work perfectly for more than five years.

From 1700 to 2400 EUR

This group includes most of the good quality e-bikes, manufactured by recognized manufacturers. These bikes, however, are also recommended to buy from the official distributors, who will then provide professional maintenance service, spare parts availability and knowledgeable counseling. The choice in this price range is large, so don’t be lazy and test several e-bikes. Some dishonest traders include less expensive bicycles in this price category.

From 2400 to 4000 EUR

For this price you can purchase freight and family, high-speed and sports e-bikes, as well as those of prestigious and recognizable brands. These e-bikes are recommended to buy from specialized dealers who will provide high-quality service and original spare parts. In that case, the expensive purchase will serve well and last long. E-bikes of this price category should not be bought from sellers of cheaper bicycles – it is likely that a relatively lower class bicycle will be sold for a higher price.

From 4000 to 8000 EUR

E-bikes belonging to this group have developed relatively recently and are considered to be expensive and very interesting new exclusive products. They are often visually different from normal e-bikes and may have a specific functionality. Sometimes they are “handmade” or made on special order. When purchasing these e-bikes, special attention shall be paid to warranty terms, availability of spare parts and maintenance options.

From 8000 to 60 000 EUR

Yes, this much an e-bike can cost as well – price of a good car. The high price is most probably caused by use of expensive materials, exclusive design and limited amount of production. There is no doubt – they will be technically and functionally excellent, however, mostly it serves as a proof of status.

Breakdown into price categories is general and, of course, there can also be exceptions. Often high quality e-bikes for reasonable prices are offered by smaller companies trying to gain market niche. However, experience has shown that they tend to disappear and then you may face problems, such as finding spare parts. Care should be also taken with little produced, experimental models from large producers. Popular model, even if they are expensive, will be relatively cheaper to service and better opportunities for fast delivery of necessary spare parts.

Practical Tips

  • Before you buy an e-bike, spend some time for trying it out. If possible, hire different e-bikes and try them in complicated circumstances – on difficult roads and in poor weather conditions.
  • Try to ride without the engine – is it easy enough to cover several kilometers to the electrical outlet?
  • Test the weight of an e-bike! You may be surprised at how heavy it is. Maybe it is not worth buying, if every day has to be carried up to the third floor?
  • Try to push out e-bike from the store without seller’s assistance, to make sure that you can easily manage to hold both the bike and the door.
  • Examine how easily the seat, steering wheel and handles can be adjusted.
  • Explore if you can understand indications of the display, how to change the modes and adapt engine performance.
  • Try to switch engine operating modes during the ride – if it works easy and safe?