Study on placement of fast-charging stations on Latvian TEN-T roads completed

Study “Placement of fast charging stations on TEN-T roads” commissioned by the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) was held from April to September 2015.

The study included a survey among users of electric vehicles (EV) registered in Latvia on their usage habits, average daily mileage, most popular routes today and potential routes in the future. Experience of the neighboring countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden) in the field of e-mobility and development of charging networks was studied as well.

The study identified the potential locations of fast charging stations, where they can be installed at the lowest cost, while ensuring the maximum efficiency of the national charging network.

Taking into account both cost-efficiency and expectations of EV users, potential locations of 55 charging stations, providing the necessary coverage on TEN-T roads within the distance of 30 km, were identified.

The following figure shows the proposed placement of the planned charging stations. During the first stage it is planned to install 30 charging stations within 60 km from each other, marked in blue on the map. During the second stage – additional 25 stations, marked in yellow, which will bring the distance between the stations to 30 km. The figures on the marks show the priority of a station within the respective stage.


More information on the results of the study can be found at the website of E-mobility Management and Co-ordination Department of Road Traffic Safety Directorate.